Great destinations: cruise ship travel

Cruises are a fun way to relax and unwind. Remember the last time you went on a cruise, what did you find most enjoyable? Cruise ship travel is surely not only about being on the actual ship, the destinations can add even more pleasure to your sea adventures. This piece explores some of the best destinations for travelers and sea enthusiasts.

==Galapagos Islands==

If you are a bird lover, this is the place for you. The Islands offer visitors a chance to explore the wonders of sea life and the animals in the marine system. Other than unusual birds, visitors can also see animals such as sea lions, tortoises and penguins.

==Baltic Sea==

Baltic Sea ports are another great destination for night life fans and party lovers. Around June, the nights last longer than usual. These long summer nights will enable travelers to enjoy night cultural performances, socialize, and party as the ship docks at St. Petersburg. During your three day stay, be sure to check out the architecture and spectacular construction of buildings.

==Nile River (north-eastern Africa) ==

This river flows through 9 nations. If that does not entail adventure, what will? You will have a brief look into some cultures of people living on the banks and near by. For instance; you will get to see houses made from mud bricks, a method of construction that is over 4 ,000 years old.

==Tahiti (South Pacific) ==

These Islands are not only famous for their great waters; they are also a fantastic honey moon destination. So if you are into love and romance, they may just be what you are looking for. The landscapes have never been tempered with by human activities, the waters are fresh and surrounded by green mountain peaks. So, it may be a good idea to visit these exotic islands with the love of your life and find a babysitter.


Here is a place for all members of the family. Because it is so easy to get to the Bahamas, many families vacation there and members of all ages can tag along. There are many adventurous activities for everyone and luxurious resorts to make your cruise ship travel a success. For example, I recently interviewed one such extended family that were having a fantastic time, to find out more about the family. The father told me about his website: and how the website was generating enough income to be able to pay for the entire family to take their trip to the Bahamas.


The next time you want to go on a vacation, consider going on a cruise. There is plenty to enjoy on the ship and you get to visit many different areas. Every stop exposes you to different cultures and lifestyles of people from around the world. By the time you get back home, you will be a totally different person.